Makeup Showdown: Clinique Mascara

Clinic Lash Power Mascara

Clinic Lash Power Mascara

My usual go-to mascara is Diorshow but I have a problem with oily skin and a tendency to sweat… a lot. So for my sister’s wedding back in August, which was in Kelowna… in the middle of Summer, I decided it was time to purachse my very first tube of waterproof mascara. I have long since blamed my runny makeup on my oily skin but I have now realized that it was probably not.
I hopped onto the Sephora website and decided to see what their top rated waterproof mascara was. I wasn’t looking to drop a big wad of cash because I didn’t know how much I would like it and if I would even wear it again. It just so happened that the Clinique Lash Power Long Wearing mascara was in the price range I wanted to be in at $20 CAD plus tax and it was also the first one on the list. One of the questions I had though, was what the difference was between the “Long Wearing” and “waterproof” mascaras. The very helpful salesgirl at the store told me that the Long Wearing formula was a lot easier to remove.

The tube on the site is actually not the tube I ended up buying. The one they had at the store in my location was actually the Lash Power Feathering Mascara and the brush is also a lot bushier.

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This mascara is very easy to apply and is really light. I actually like the bushier applicator; it seperated and coated each lash with very little to no clumping. The little bit of clumping I did get was easily removed by just using running the brush over the clump a couple of times. Removal is even easier. I used my regular Biotherm Gel Eye Makeup remover and it came off as easily as regular mascara.
If you are looking for a more dramatic look, this is not the mascara for you. I found that I had to apply at least 2-3 coats to look a little less “natural”.



I may possibly have the worst and most stubborn eyelashes in the world! Nothing I use seems to work on them. I had a friend (who shall remain nameless) that was so cheap, she would give out the free makeup samples she gets as birthday and Christmas gifts. Fortunately I benefited from one such gift from her one year; there was a Clinique High Impact Mascara sample.

I actually really liked the Clinique High Impact Mascara. It’s purpose is to create more volume for your lashes. I’m of Asian heritage and our lashes tend to be lacking in the volume and curl department. If you’re fortunate enough, you may get long lashes lol. After I used up the sample tube, I thought I’d go and pick myself up a regular sized one since I liked it… Well as a girl who was working a retail job at minimum wage at the time, $16 plus tax was more than I was willing to pay. I ended up at Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up the Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara (the orange one). That one worked out really well for me and I used it for quiet a few years. It didn’t clump and separated and lengthened my lashes really well. The one downside is that it didn’t curl… And I wanted it all! Back to the drawing board.

Around the same time I wanted to know if there really was a difference between drugstore brands and department store brands of cosmetics so I set out to do a little experiment starting with mascara.

Diorshow and Diorshow New Look

Diorshow and Diorshow New Look

I decided to try the Diorshow mascara after reading some very positive reviews. $31 plus tax CAD for mascara… “this better be damned good mascara!” I said to myself. And it didn’t disappoint. I was actually expecting a more dramatic look as Diorshow was touted as an awarding winning backstage favorite used on models, but i personally thought that it wasn’t dramatic at all. It could possibly be that I only applied 2 coats max. There is little to no clumping and gave me length! After using Diorshow for the last few years, I decided to change it up again and picked up the Diorshow New Look at $35 plus tax CAD. I haven’t tried it yet so stay tuned for that review!