New Members of the Family!

Over the Christmas holiday, we welcomed 2 new pets into the family. Meet Santa and Orange!


Orange is the red cap and Santa is the black fish. We asked my 3yr old what he wanted to name them and that’s what he came up with. Well alright then.

This all started when I asked hubs what we should get terror #1 for Christmas and he said pet fish. I don’t know WHY I agreed to it knowing that I would be the one caring for these things… but alas, a mother’s love for her child knows no bounds. Or does it?
We ended up going back to the store a few days later to pick up some rocks for the fish bowl and also got a third fish… which I’m still not certain the name of lol. I THINK it’s called Ewok… but don’t quote me on that. I didn’t snap a pick of it but it’s a “calico”; a white fish with orange and black spots all over.
Terror #1 got some toys as well, as well children should. We also started the age-old tradition of lying to our kids about the existence of Santa Clause and his magical reindeer. Complete with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. Over my dead body will there be an Elf On The Shelf as well. Really, you do not want to get me started on this whole messy Santa business.

Stay tuned for a review on some of the toys that the boys received.

Until next time!


Aden & Anais Score!

You know that rush you get when you find that pair of shoes you’ve been coveting all Summer on the sale rack… and in YOUR SIZE?! Well most mom’s out there will understand the same rush when we find Aden & Anais items in the sale/clearance rack in a store.
For the uninitiated, A&A makes some of the most collected and wonderful baby swaddling blankets, loveys and blankets. Some of which can sell for hundreds of dollars… yes HUNDREDS.

I happen to come by these babies when I was at my local Winners/Home Sense store to pick up a gift for a baby shower I was attending:

A&A Burpy Bibs, Crib Sheet and Changing Pad Cover

A&A Burpy Bibs, Crib Sheet and Changing Pad Cover

I went back the next day to pick up a couple more Burpy Bibs for a fellow Mom in Alberta and saw these which I coulnd’t pass up either:

Aden Changing Pad Cover and Bamboo Crib Sheet

Aden Changing Pad Cover and Bamboo Crib Sheet