Another Fad: Charcoal Face Mask

There are so many new fads and things that are trending nowadays that it’s hard to keep up and it usually takes me a LONG time to accept them and try any of them.
This particular one I’ve been thinking of trying since it was popularized a while back and then it became a thing when it went horribly wrong for some buyers: the charcoal face mask.

I’ve long had a problem with pimples and blackheads. Since I can remember they have plagued me. It went to far as my mom taking me to our family doctor and getting prescribed medications to tackle the hormonal mess that is my face. The pimples have since been banished other than the occasional monthly visit but the blackheads… oh the blackheads.
I have come to accept them. Not even the Biore strips can evict these suckers. Using my facial cleansing brush daily started to help.. until I got lazy with the regimen. Now we’re back to square one.

At the same time when I decided that I wanted to look more “presentable”, I thought I would try the charcoal face mask. I’ve used masks before but they were more clay masks and sheet masks (hubs gets a kick out of those lol). I asked a friend who is very into her skin care, what she would recommend for a charcoal mask.

This is what she suggested:


My friend swears by this Origin charcoal mask so I popped into Sephora and picked up a small bottle for $20. I thought this was the kind that you peel off, it’s not. It’s an actual mask that you have to wash off.
It actually stung a bit after application but that only lasts for about a minute. I’m not sure if that’s normal. I let it sit for about 15-20mins and then I washed it off. I used the mask at night after putting the kids to bed… so as not to traumatize them lol. The next morning when I woke up I noticed that my face was brighter and clearer. It recommends using the mask 1-2 times a week and the next application for me is this weekend so I’ll let you guys know if the pesky blackheads have started packing their bags and moving to on. I still want to try the peel-off kind though so I’ll likely be hitting up Sephora again soon.

Till next time!


Under Review: Maybelline BB Cream

I LOVE makeup. I don’t like the whole application process but I like wearing it. I go through periods where I would wear makeup daily… until I get too tired of waking up earlier just to put it on before work so it became a weekend thing. Then I got pregnant with my first child and I had terrible oily skin that stopped me from wearing it completely and so it grew to only wearing makeup for special occasions or the rare date night lol.

I wanted to start getting back to wearing makeup more but my daily routine really doesn’t allow for extra time spent on something like that. I have mad respect for those of you out there that dedicate however long it takes to put a skilled face on every morning before heading out the door. But with already waking up at 4am for gym time, I just can’t.

I know BB cream has been around for years now but I was never interested in it. I grew up in a household where it was instilled in me by my mother that drugstore brand ANYTHING is bad for my skin. I was told to spend a little more and buy department store brands because it’s more trustworthy and would be better made. While I still lean to some department store brands for certain things, I had started to experiment with drugstore brands when I was a teenager and the though of spending all of my hard earned weekly allowance on one bottle of foundation wasn’t something I was keen on. Moisturizers is one thing I tend to lean towards department store brands. Because of my sensitive, oily/combination skin and my general reluctance to try anything new I was very hesitant to put something different on my skin. But my love for makeup prevailed lol.

After doing some light googling (and by light I mean heavy), I decided to give BB cream a shot. I first started thinking about BB cream after seeing this makeup tutorial¬†on Pinterest. It was quick and easy… just what I was looking for. I wanted to go to work looking like I at least put in a little effort without having to spend very much time actually doing it lol.

This is what I picked up that weekend; Maybelline Dream BB Cream Fresh

BB cream

The cream is not as thick as I thought it would be. It’s quite light which actually makes it perfect for Vancouver summers. This still provided some coverage but if you’re looking for more coverage than a thicker cream would be best. I am on the hunt now for a BB cream with more coverage.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this Maybelline BB cream. It provided just enough coverage for me. I also tend to touch my face a lot and whenever I have makeup on I would always have to be careful not wipe my hands on my clothing afterwards but I have been fine with this so far. I still use my regular moisturizer before applying the cream… it’s just a thing I have lol.

What do you guys use? And do you like it?

Until next time!

Liquid Eyeliners Scare Me

They really do! One wrong move and BAM… you have to wipe it off and start all over again. Which is why I stuck with good old pencil eyeliners. Unfortunately I have really oily skin and my eye makeup always ends up creasing and I constantly find myself reapplying my eyeliner.

I used Prestige Eyeliner for years. I would buy 2-3 at a time so I wouldn’t have to keep running back to the store but because it’s a pencil, I would have to always sharpen it to get a nice thin and crisp line.

Prestige Eyeliners

Prestige Eyeliners

When I said I used this product for years, I mean YEARS. Until one day (2 years ago lol) I decided that I am now a big girl and big girls use liquid eyeliners… Gulp! So again, I made my way to the local drugstore to purchase and try the liquid sort.

After about an hour of ooking and trying to decide which one to go with I picked one out (I can’t remember which one) and went to pay. The girl behind the counter asked if I had ever used that particular one before… I think she could smell the newbie in me lol! I told her no, so she recommended that I try the Quo liquid eyeliner instead because it “dries faster and easy to use”.

Quo Liquid Eyeliner

Quo Liquid Eyeliner


So I paid the $16 plus tax CAD (wtf?!) Boy was she wrong! The brush itself was great but because it “dries so quick” I also had to dip it back into the bottle to get more colour. It also seemed that it only dries fast on the brush and not on your skin. I would literally need to sit with my eyes closed for about 5 minutes to make sure I didn’t smudge it and some times it still smudged! I was in a rush one time and thought I had given it enough time to dry… Nope. Imagine my embarrassment when I looked in the mirror and realized I had a nice dark black line on my eyelid!

I complained about it to a co-worker after that horrid event and after some laughter (a lot of laughter) she recommended a liquid eyeliner that is a pen and gave me one that she uses.

Kate Liquid Eyeliner

Kate Liquid Eyeliner

The brand of this liner is called Kate and it’s an Asian line. My co-worker gets her makeup sent from Asia and after the conversion, it only cost me $7 and worth every penny. The only drawback to this liner is that it’s not very dark so I would need to apply it twice in order to get a nice black line.

Top is Kate, bottom is Quo

Top is Kate, bottom is Quo

I’m not sure where you can find the Kate liner here. I actually want to try the Geisha line of liners after I use this one up.

Even with using liquid eyeliner, it still gets creased every so often if I sweat too much and would have to reapply but it’s not nearly as bad as the pencil kind. One thing for sure though, I am now converted and won’t be going back to the pencil liners!

What are your favorite liners?


I may possibly have the worst and most stubborn eyelashes in the world! Nothing I use seems to work on them. I had a friend (who shall remain nameless) that was so cheap, she would give out the free makeup samples she gets as birthday and Christmas gifts. Fortunately I benefited from one such gift from her one year; there was a Clinique High Impact Mascara sample.

I actually really liked the Clinique High Impact Mascara. It’s purpose is to create more volume for your lashes. I’m of Asian heritage and our lashes tend to be lacking in the volume and curl department. If you’re fortunate enough, you may get long lashes lol. After I used up the sample tube, I thought I’d go and pick myself up a regular sized one since I liked it… Well as a girl who was working a retail job at minimum wage at the time, $16 plus tax was more than I was willing to pay. I ended up at Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up the Cover Girl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara (the orange one). That one worked out really well for me and I used it for quiet a few years. It didn’t clump and separated and lengthened my lashes really well. The one downside is that it didn’t curl… And I wanted it all! Back to the drawing board.

Around the same time I wanted to know if there really was a difference between drugstore brands and department store brands of cosmetics so I set out to do a little experiment starting with mascara.

Diorshow and Diorshow New Look

Diorshow and Diorshow New Look

I decided to try the Diorshow mascara after reading some very positive reviews. $31 plus tax CAD for mascara… “this better be damned good mascara!” I said to myself. And it didn’t disappoint. I was actually expecting a more dramatic look as Diorshow was touted as an awarding winning backstage favorite used on models, but i personally thought that it wasn’t dramatic at all. It could possibly be that I only applied 2 coats max. There is little to no clumping and gave me length! After using Diorshow for the last few years, I decided to change it up again and picked up the Diorshow New Look at $35 plus tax CAD. I haven’t tried it yet so stay tuned for that review!


I love makeup. I’m not exceptionally great at applying it (that’s still a work in progress) but I love wearing it and buying it. I also seem to have a habit of using makeup that is constantly getting discontinued, therefore causing my OCD tendencies to flare up.

Like every adolescent teenager, I first started out using Cover Girl foundation… But since my parents were not supportive of their young daughters using makeup, I was relegated to using the little sample packs from magazines. Sad, I know. And then I realized one morning that the foundation did no match my natural skin tone nor was I applying it evenly on my face… Very embarrassing for a teenage girl in high school! Armed with my first weekly allowance money, I made my way to the local Shoppers Drug Mart. I decided on the Cover Girl pressed powder. Again, no research was done as to what suited my skin best. I continued to use that for a couple years until I reached my senior year of high school. It was then that my mom took my sister and I to the MAC counter at the mall.

I used MAC pressed powder foundation for a couple years after that. They have a really great product exchange program where you bring back 6 cleaned and empty product containers and exchange it for a free item… I didn’t use makeup enough at the time to utilize the program though.

I noticed that my skin was on the more oily side and I had a problem (big problem) with acne throughout high school. So much so that my mom regularly to my dr to see why it was happening. Anyways, my mom took me back to the mall and suggested I switch to the skin care line that she’s used for years; Shiseido. I started using the pressed powder foundation from their Pureness line until one day when I went back to buy a refill and they told me that it has been discontinued. Now, this was years ago and I think they’ve actually brought the line back now. So I made my way across from Shiseido over to Clinique. I started using their Almost Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum pressed powder. I used this particular foundation for quite a long time until my sister-in-law was getting married and I needed something with more coverage as the Clinique one was sheer coverage.

Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation is now my foundation of choice. You’re asking why I haven’t tried liquid? Well, I can’t quite seem to get liquid foundation to blend well. Plus I also don’t want to look TOO made up; I like a bit more if a natural made up look. Price point: not cheap! Obviously this Chanel foundation cost more than the other brands I’ve used previously. I pay $65 CAD (tax included) and there are no refill options.

Chanel Teint Innocence

Chanel Teint Innocence

I found that the Teint Innocence gave me incredible coverage and lasted me all day at the wedding (which was in July… In Vancouver summer humidity). For regular normal day-to-day wear I use a bit less for sheer coverage, for events like weddings and parties I use a bit more for extra coverage and longevity. A friend of mine also gifted me with her Diorskin Airflash spray on foundation. She didn’t like it after using it a couple of times and gave it to me to try.


First off, the Diorskin is incredible! It gives a flawless finish because it essentially gives an airbrushed look. All you do is give one small spritz clockwise (or counterclockwise.. Whichever you want) and use a foundation brush to blend and presto! You’re done! The price point is also incredible… Incredibly high!!! I got this for free but this bad boy will set you back $65 plus tax CAD. The down side is obviously the high price and it’s definitely not meant for everyday use as the can uses up pretty quick.