2017 New Year Resolution

Wow… looking back, my last post was June 23, 2016. That’s it. My new year’s resolution for 2017 is to keep up with my blog posts. I know, I know… you’re thinking, “yeah I’ve heard that before” but this time I will! Or at least try to for the next 6 months lol. What can I say? Life happens.

After going back to work full time last summer, I made it a goal to lose my baby weight. Most of my baby mommy friends out there know what I mean and you also know how hard it is after. Especially after the first and/or second etc. Plus age, it gets even harder. However I am happy to announce that I have reached my first goal weight back in November 2016.
Hubby took me to Maui for my birthday in November and I made it a goal to get to my first goal weight of 135lbs. My next goal weight was to reach 130lbs by mid-January 2017… that unfortunately is not going to happen.
I live in Vancouver and this year Mother Nature decided to teach us a lesson in what a REAL winter is like. We’re still dealing with all the snow lol. As such, I have missed a lot of gym sessions because I have to go in the mornings before work. And somehow waking up at 3:30am to dig my car out and warm it up to go to the gym isn’t very appealing.

What are all yours’ new years resolutions? Have you kept previous ones? I make it a habit of NOT making any because I know I will never keep them.


Interesting Packaging

So I recently bought myself a new iPod shuffle for the gym. The ones I have currently are all too old and no longer compatible with the new Apple earpods which make it hard to skip a song. I was only able to use the volume control and pause the music. I was previously using the third generation iPod shuffle.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

After an aggravating year I finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. I ordered it from Best Buy and the one I bought happened to be on sale for $24.95. And of course the universe was conspiring against me and I was $0.05 short of getting free shipping. I ended up paying $3 for shipping but at least I didn’t have to spend $59.99 regular price. The sale was also only available on the site.
This is how it arrived:

At least I got my money's worth in shipping cost!

There was packaging in there but I removed it to take the picture lol. When hubs handed me the box my first though was “I didn’t order anything recently”… and then I looked at the shipping label lol. I guess this was to ensure that the package didn’t get lost or go missing enroute.

Till next time!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day was a few days ago on Sunday. I asked hubs what he would like to do for his special day and his response: “Build the deck”. Well alright then. Who am I to argue with a man on a mission lol. We’re doing some work on the house and building the deck was #1 on the list. Sorry… no pics yet. Ill try to remember to snap some pics of the disaster zone that is my backyard.

I was a bit preoccupied this year so I dropped the ball on planning and getting a gift for hubs on Father’s Day. We needed a new BBQ and hubs had been scoping around and checking out prices. We finally found one for a stinkin good price at Home Depot when we went to pick up some things to build our deck.
The was a lineup of BBQ’s in the “dents & scratch” section at the entrance so we stopped to see what they had. There happened to be one that had a broken wheel and a small dent in the back. Original price was $549, on sale for $230. Hubs basically ran to the cash register to pay for it and snap it up before anyone else saw it.

I wanted to get something else JUST for hubs and I had 3 days to think of something. I had found a book about beer and craft beer from around the world at Winners for $16 that I thought he might enjoy but I still wanted to get home something from the boys. Enter Pinterest.


I already had the canvas on hand for a nursery project that I never got around to and it happened to be the perfect size for this project.

I used grey paint for my hand, let it dry for about an hour and then put some teal paint on Riley’s hand. His hand print is a bit smudged because he decided to move his fingers around. Even harder was trying to get a 10m old to keep his fingers straight and hand still. Although he did get a good laugh when I was putting the paint on his hand lol.

Till next time!

What A Year Makes

It’s been a year. Actually, it’s been a bit over a year lol. How much has happened during that time you ask? Well let me tell you. I had my baby. I guess that’s pretty obvious… unless I’m an elephant. Which I’m not but certainly feel like these days.

The little turdlet (yes I address my second child as a turd) is 10.5m old now. B has actually turned into a good baby. Him and his big brother have differences as all sibling do. B was born at 36 weeks. The goal was to make it past 34 weeks; which was when my oldest was born. Anything after 34 weeks was a bonus. His birth story was a bit traumatic so I won’t haunt your dreams with it. As with my first, B was born by forceps at 6lbs 2oz and had a 2 day stay in NICU. The transition for Riley was probably better than I thought it would be. There was no jealousy issues and he didn’t want to hurt the baby… at least not intentionally.


I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time but when I was in my third trimester and was ordered by my doctor to stop working, I thought it would be a good idea to try and potty train my then 2 year old. BIG MISTAKE. It didn’t work and both Riley and I were frustrated and upset with the whole experience. I pretty much made up my mind that Riley would just start kindergarten still wearing diapers lol.


B @ 3m old

My sister and her husband also moved in with us temporarily at the end of June last year. They were living with my BIL’s family in a basement suite and his sister and BIL decided to sell the house and move into the ‘burbs. Which then prompted my sister and her husband to buy their own place.
They bought into a new townhouse development about 8mins away from my place but it wasn’t going to be ready until the middle of October, so they shacked up with us because my sister was also pregnant at the time and she didn’t want to move an hour away from work and 30mins away from the hospital where she would be delivering.
Let me tell you that having 4 adults (2 of which were pregnant), 3 dogs (they had to bring their dog with them) and a toddler living in a 2200sqft house was pretty tight. Oh and did I mention that this was the beginning of one of the hottest summers on record? Yeah… good times. Fortunately my husband and I were starting to work on our house a bit last year and he had promised me that he would have a heat pump installed so I wouldn’t melt into puddle of sweat while I was pregnant. Their townhouse ended up being completed a couple weeks ahead of schedule so they were able to move in at the beginning of October. And not a minute too soon! B was growing a lot fast than I had anticipated and he needed to be moved out of the bassinet and into his crib.

We also took a trip to Mexico at the end of January this year. Unfortunately we couldn’t bring Riley with us as it was Ryan’s work trip and we didn’t really feel like shelling out $2000 out of our own pocket for Riley lol. I know… bad parents. B was free to fly and was also free for the hotel stay, plus he was still nursing at the time and there is no way in hell that Ryan was going to go to Mexico for a week without me!


First flight and first time out of the country!

B actually did really well on the flight and during the whole trip as well. We didn’t follow much of a routine while we were there. He basically ate and napped whenever he was hungry and tired. It also helped that the time zone was 3 hours ahead so Ryan and I were able to stay out a bit later than normal while at the same time we were able to keep B’s internal clock the same for bedtime.

Riley also turned 3 in May. He ended up potty training himself when he was about 2.5 years old. One day I just asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he did… and the rest is history lol. The transition for him to go on a potty to going on the toilet was actually petty easy. All it took was getting the same toilet ring that my mom has. For whatever reason Riley would only go on the potty at home but at my parent’s place he refused and would only go on the toilet. I tried getting him to sit on the toilet at home but he refused so I went out and bought the same toilet ring my mom has and he had no problems after that. Weird I know! And now he can even go on the toilet with out a ring when we’re out.


Riley @ 3yrs old, B @ 9.5m old

Until next time!

(and I promise a little less baby talk!)

Free Samples?!

Yes please! I mean really who doesn’t love getting things for free!

Last year I discovered this little gem of a website Sample Source from some mom’s in Riley’s birth group. You have to sign up in order to receive the sample packs and the packs come out and are offered about 2-3 times a year. You have to be quick on it though because it’s only available for limited times.
Mine arrived this week.

Free Samples from Sample Source

Free Samples from Sample Source

It was like Christmas all over again lol.
When you get notified of a sample roll out, they ask you a questionnaire each time to determine which samples suit you best and what to send you to test out. Some items require you to log back into the site and fill out a review of the product.
This is actually my second sample pack. The first one, I can’t really remember what I got now but it also included a free limited subscription to a magazine. I chose some hockey magazine for the hubs.

This is what I got in my new sample pack:

My goodies!

My goodies!

The Brookside Chocolates were really good. The first sample pack I got for Brookside was of the chocolate covered blueberries. This time I got the chocolate covered berry crunch which was just as good!

Go sign up and try some samples for yourself!

Get Ready for 2.0

Well… this happened

Baby 2.0 aka Terminator

Baby 2.0 aka Terminator

We’re having another baby! Baby 2.0 is due in mid-August. Right now Riley is 22 months old and really doesn’t quite understand why Mommy’s belly is so large and why Daddy is constantly rubbing it lol. The first time he saw me holding a baby was back in December when my SIL had her second daughter. Riley was not impressed to say the least. He immediately burst into tears. But since then he seems to have changed. We saw my in-laws again in March for hubby’s bday and Riley was fascinated with his now 3 month old cousin.

I’m currently in my 20th week of pregnancy and the above ultrasound was done last week when we also found out the gender. Riley is going to have a little brother!
Hubs and I were really hoping for a girl and I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed when we were told it would be another boy. Gender Disappoint is a very real thing. I’m not saying that I won’t love this child as much if it were a girl, just that we had hoped for a girl and really wanted one of each. It took me a little while to get used to the idea of having 2 boys but now I have accepted it.

3D imaging of 2.0 sucking his thumb

3D imaging of 2.0 sucking his thumb

2.0 already looks like his big brother and seems to be as stubborn (or quite possibly, even more stubborn!) than him as well! He also looks to have some of the same characteristics too… sleeping with his hands behind his head, hiding and sleeping face down during ultrasounds etc.

We’re all very exited for the arrival of our new addition and gearing up to move Riley out of the nursery and into his big boy room.

Review: L’Oreal Mousse Absolue

I have a confession. This is not my real hair colour… yes, I dye my hair lol. Actually it’s as close as I can get to my real hair colour which is a really rich dark brown. To the naked eye it’s black.

In my much younger days when I was finally free to dye my hair, I had a really bad experience and stopped dying it after that.
I asked for nice caramel highlights all over my head but ended up with blonde locks all over instead. The “stylist” had left the dye in far too long and it caused irreparable damaged resulting in my hair just breaking off. I slowly did some colour correction back to a darker colour and have since stopped dying my hair. No I will not show you any pictures!

Fast forward about 12 years, a crazy amount of stress, a baby and a new house, I found my first grey hair. Well really I found it a couple years ago after my son was born lol. What started out as one quickly multiplied. They’re all currently located at the sides of me head but are hidden beneath the top layers of hair. The only time anyone see’s them is when I have my hair in a ponytail… until now; they’ve started coming up around my face. I dyed my hair a couple times last year to hide them but have since gotten a little lazy (and busy!). I didn’t want to pay $100 at the salon so I thought I’d try the drugstore variety.

L'Oreal Mousse Absolue

L’Oreal Mousse Absolue

I forgot to take a before pic of all the nasty greys… my bad!

I was watching tv one day and the commercial for this new L’Oreal reuseable hair dye came on. The one thing I didn’t like about dying my hair at home was getting the dye all over the place. My mom and sister dye their hair at home and back when I was still living at home, there was dye ALL OVER the bathroom.
I went out to buy a box of the Mousse Absolue and decided to give it a go. At the time, their website was also offering a $3 off coupon so I printed one off, waited till it went on sale and ended up paying $10 + tax for it.
I have medium length hair and the box says for medium length you will have one application plus one touch up. Depending on how much you use you can probably make it last for 3 applications. I went with the darkest brown they had and it matched my hair perfectly. If I was only doing the greys and roots, I could have probably easily gotten 4 uses out of it.

This is actually the first time I’ve done a home-dye but I’m pretty happy with the product and results. Application is very easy and is pretty much mess free.

DIY: Shower Curtain

I’m not a really great crafty DIY-er. Everything I want to make always looks better in my head than it does when it’s finished. But one of the things that I am pretty proud of is the shower curtain that I made for Hub’s bathroom downstairs. The entire downstairs area (excluding the crawl space and laundry room) is actually “his area” lol. He laid claim to it when we decided to buy the house.
The idea was that because the lower floor is a cold zone, hubs would be using that bathroom in the summer for showers etc to refrain from waking the baby. That never actually happened. In fact the only time that shower was used was when I was giving the dog a bath. Somewhere along the way that bathroom had turned into a home brewery. Don’t ask.

To shield our guests from the unsightly mess down there (and with the intention that SOMEONE would at some point be using the shower, I wanted to put up a shower curtain. I decided on the colour navy blue and wanted a blue and white stripped curtain. Finding it proved a little harder. It was either the width of the stripes wasn’t what I wanted or when I did find what I like, it was too expensive. Hubs had bought me a sewing machine for Christmas a couple years back so I decided to put it to use.

Navy and white stripped shower curtain

Navy and white stripped shower curtain

This project was actually pretty easy. The inspiration for it actually came from Pinterest. This was EXACTLY what I wanted. I bought the fabric from Fabric.com and it’s the Bekko home decor line from Michael Miller. The tutorial I used to make it can be found here.

I didn’t punch holes in the fabric and used grommets, instead I just bought regular curtain clips to hang it.

The whole project cost me about $45 because I also bought the fabric when it was on sale.

Fabric: $35
Thread: $2
Curtain Clips: $7

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Meet Spike!

Meet Spike!

We have a new house mate! Every time we go to a plant nursery I always look for these little guys. They’re air plants and about as maintenance free as a cactus. They range in price from $2.99-$20 depending on the size, variety and where you buy it. This little guy was $5 and is about the size of my palm.

I’ve always wanted to get one but something always stopped me. Then one of my co-workers showed up to work with one and has it on her desk. So the next time we hit the nursery again, I finally got myself one. I try to spray it with water every 2-3 days and it’s recommended to be soaked in water once every 2 weeks.

I’m more of an outdoor flower planter type of gal but we do have a variety of house plants at home. Hubs insisted we place a plant in each room of our house to “clean” the air since our house was brand new when we moved in and still had the smell of paint and we had an infant. Currently, there’s a Peace Lily and Rubber Tree plant on the kitchen counter in front of a window and there’s my Coffee Tree plant on the floor next to the balcony door.
Upstairs we have a fern in the master bedroom and a Snake plant in Riley’s room. In the basement we have an Aloe Vera… that’s in need of some serious watering and a bigger pot (oops!).

We were in Ikea one day, a year and a half ago, hubs decided that we needed a plant in the living room. He was eye-balling two plants so I compromised and said he can get only ONE. He decided on an Elephant plant. A couple days later, hubs was at work and I had just fed the baby and he was down for his first nap. I was walking back into the kitchen to put my breakfast dishes away when I noticed something off the corner of my eye. This is what I saw:

What the hey?!

What the hey?!

I stood there immobilized for a couple minutes just STARING at it. I was trying to figure out if it was alive and where it had come from. It was mid-September at the time and we lived at the bottom of the woods so I thought the little thing might have found it’s way inside our house when we had the door open somewhere.

Is it trying to jump at my jugular??

Is it trying to jump at my jugular??

I backed away from the kitchen sink and ran into the living room to grab my phone. I sent a text to hubs saying “There’s a lizard in the house!!!” Needless to say his first thought was if I had smoked something. I sent him the two pics and he was as flabbergasted as I was. I called him telling him that there is indeed a LIVE lizard in the kitchen… he couldn’t believe it. We got off the phone and hubs sent me another text telling me to trap it lol. I didn’t know if the lizard would jump at me or get frighten and make a run for it when I got close so I grabbed a small water glass and trapped it.



I didn’t know if it would have enough air to breath in there and I didn’t have anything small enough to lift the cup to let it breathe without it escaping so I would periodically lift the cup up and let some air in. Hubs talked to some people at his work and they concluded that the lizard had hitched a ride on the Elephant plant from Ikea and had been roaming around our house for the last couple of days. One of hubbies co-worker’s sister actually works at Ikea and she said that it happens all the time. Every now and then the stores would have a gecko infestation and they would have to wait till the store closes and trap them.
I didn’t want to let the little thing loose and freeze to death outside and we didn’t want it destroyed (which would have happened if we had called the wildlife number) so hubs bought a small tank to house it in with some live crickets, until we could find a new home for it.
Luckily one of hub’s co-workers roommates wanted it so he took him home. Hubs named it Sven while it was living with us and apparently he’s thriving in his new home and has grown quite a bit!

Needless to say I check ALL our new indoor plants for stowaways now!

Santa Pics 2014

Yes I know I’m about 3 months late lol. Things got pretty busy for us before the xmas holidays last year and now I have a lot of catching up to do!

I’m trying to make it a yearly tradition (like every other parent out there) to take Riley out and take Santa pics. The year he was born was great. We had my immediate family and we took pics all together. This year we couldn’t make the schedule work so it was just the 3 of us.

Here we are waiting in the line up:

Trying to keep the kid occupied

Trying to keep the kid occupied

We made sure that Riley was well rested and had his lunch before heading to the mall. I think we were in line for about 30-45mins.

My fav pic of the two

My fav pic of the two

And cue the tears!

This is not the smile of a happy child

This is not the smile of a happy child

I knew there would be crying and tears, I just didn’t expect the immediate reaction! I thought I would try putting Riley on Santa’s lap and see if he would notice. Usually there’s a good 10-15 seconds before the kids realize they’re sitting on a stranger’s lap but Riley’s response was immediate. The second I took my hands off him the screeching started… and wouldn’t stop even when I held him and put him on my lap lol. Not even a candy cane stopped the tears. His face was as red as a tomato. The only time I had seen him that upset was… well, never.

The Santa was a good sport though. Didn’t seem fazed at all with the screaming and tears. His smile was in place the whole time and was very pleasant throughout. But I guess having a gig like that, one would have to have an ocean’s amount of patience and an intense love of young kids.

Maybe this year? Lol