New Year, New Workout

Yes I realize that it’s March and well past the new year lol. But it’s been a looong time since I did a fitness post and I’ve never really talked about how I exercise or what my routine is like. Trust me, it’s not that special.

Since my last weight update in 2016 (yikes!), I have finally made it below 130 lbs. I’m currently sitting at 129 lbs. Depending on the time and day my weight can fluctuate between 128 lbs-131 lbs. My lowest was last October when we came home from my husband’s work trip to Phoenix, Arizona at 125 lbs. My body retains a crazy amount of water whenever I travel no matter what I do/eat/drink. When we finally come home my body finally gets rid of all the water and I “lose” weight.
For height reference I am 5’1″.

I only work out max 4 times a week during Fall/Winter and up to 5 days a week during Spring/Summer. In 2016 when I was looking through my fb feed one day, an ad for Mommy Trainer 15 Day Challenge popped up (the site and original trainer has since changed and the original workouts that I still follow has also changed a bit but otherwise everything is the same). It’s a free challenge but what I really liked about this guide was that there are videos on youtube for each day to show you how to perform each workout and you can do ALL of it from home. She also incorporate workouts for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. Since I have a gym membership and like incorporating extra cardio with my workouts I printed off the guide and take it to the gym with me.
A word of warning ladies, you WILL be sore. I started these workouts after abstaining for about 2 years from any exercising so the first week of this guide was not a happy week for me lol.

I have been using Mommy Trainer along with some other HIIT workouts to vary my routine but I felt my body has plateaued so I started to look for a change. Enter Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide (BBG).
I’ve known about Kayla and BBG for a few years but I’m always skeptical about workout guides and obviously the costs of these guides play a factor as well. But after seeing all the transformation pictures and her workout clips on her instagram account (@kayla_itsines) I decided to give it a shot. I’m hoping to document my entire 12 week journey here.

Her guide highly recommends taking photos frequently throughout the entire 12 week process so you can see the difference. Here are mine:


BBG Right

See my flat butt?!

BBG Left

Pretend you don’t see the crap in the background

These were taken on March 11th and I started BBG the next day. I am currently on the first week of this and make no mistake, this is not for the weak lol. I AM SORE.
The first day of BBG I forgot to grab my phone so I couldn’t time my circuits = workout fail. I ball parked the 7min time for each circuit which was not a good idea. Nevertheless my legs were sore the next day. On my Wednesday workout I didn’t have enough time to finish the workout = semi fail but my shoulders and arms are sore. I actually slept through my alarm for the gym this morning so… yeah… no workout today (face palm). I’m hoping next week I’ll do better lol.

Until next time! (if my fingers aren’t sore enough to type!)




Interesting Packaging

So I recently bought myself a new iPod shuffle for the gym. The ones I have currently are all too old and no longer compatible with the new Apple earpods which make it hard to skip a song. I was only able to use the volume control and pause the music. I was previously using the third generation iPod shuffle.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

After an aggravating year I finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. I ordered it from Best Buy and the one I bought happened to be on sale for $24.95. And of course the universe was conspiring against me and I was $0.05 short of getting free shipping. I ended up paying $3 for shipping but at least I didn’t have to spend $59.99 regular price. The sale was also only available on the site.
This is how it arrived:

At least I got my money's worth in shipping cost!

There was packaging in there but I removed it to take the picture lol. When hubs handed me the box my first though was “I didn’t order anything recently”… and then I looked at the shipping label lol. I guess this was to ensure that the package didn’t get lost or go missing enroute.

Till next time!

Nike Free Run 2.0 Runners

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my exercise regimen (or lack of one currently) but just never gotten around to it yet. I will, however, write about my running shoes that I am absolutely in love with!

I like to consider myself a runner, but in reality I’m more of a novice in the big world of running. I never really enjoyed it until about 5 years ago when it was all I can think about after we bought our condo. It was situated across the street from a nice large park with a really good trail. It started out first on the treadmill in the gym and then one nice Spring day I decided to take my dog running with me at the park. Man did I get my ass kicked! I didn’t realize that outdoor running is different that treadmill running. But since that day I’ve been hooked! It also helps that I’m competitive by nature… yes, even against myself. Most definitely against myself in fact.

I decided I needed new runners because I noticed running with Nike Shox were not actually very comfortable. During a trip to the states I picked up a pair of New Balance “light weight” runners… which did the trick until I noticed someone at my gym wearing the new Nike Free Run 2.0. I had to have them.

Nike Free Run+ 2.0 with Shield

Nike Free Run+ 2.0 with Shield

These are actually the second pair I picked up during another trip to the outlets in Burlington. I couldn’t resist because they are the lightest and most comfy pair of runners I’ve ever had. I especially like that there is no “tongue” in the shoe. It’s made to fit like a sock.

A couple months back I was feeling the itch to buy a new pair of runners when I was at Winners looking for shoes for Riley and I came across a pair of Nike Free Runs! They were the last pair and in MY SIZE! I slipped my foot in to make sure they fit and brought these babies home.

Nike Free Run 2.0

Nike Free Run 2.0

They were a bit more snug than my previous two pairs but I figured that it just needed a bit of breaking in like the ones with the Shield. Two months later and after running in them everyday, they were still quite snug but I didn’t think much of it. Until I removed the nail polish off my toes. My big toes had been feeling sore for awhile but I chalked it up to breaking in the new runners and also because my boy has a tendency to drop things and stomp on my feet. Come to think of it, these runners may have been the cause of one of my toe nails breaking!

*WARNING* The following picture is of feet.

Sore Bruised Toes

Sore Bruised Toes

When I saw this, I immediately stopped wearing the runners. They’re not sore any more but I’m going to wait till the bruising has grown out and try wearing the runners again to ensure that they are indeed the culprit. My sister has already volunteered to adopt the shoes lol.

Under Review: Apple iPod Shuffle and Earpods

Just like majority of the population in the world, I am an owner of an Apple product… or two… or three… who’s counting anyways?!
I have in my ownership a 2nd gen 16G iPod Touch, two 2nd gen iPod Nano’s (first one was blue and current one is pink), a 3rd gen iPod Shuffle and lastly my 1st gen iPad Mini. I’m hoping to get the iPad Air for my birthday this year and I’ve hinted heavily to the husband lol.
Now you’re probably asking “why do you need so many mp3 players?!”. Well for starters, the iPod Touch was an xmas gift from hubs and I LOVED the thing. Now, it’s pretty much obsolete and used only in emergency situations. The Nano’s, coincedentally enough hubs and I gifted one to each other at the same time lol. We both used ours at the gym until hubs left his at work and thought it got stolen (which it didn’t… he actually left it in his jacket pocket and found it a year later) and mine was destroyed by my wonderful loving dog. My sister gave me her pink one because she wasn’t using it. During the same time, I bought hubs the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle which I am now using at the gym.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

The small size of all the shuffles is great and the 3rd gen shuffles are the only ones that do NOT have any pause, play, rewind and fast forward buttons on the body.  I also love the clip because it makes it easier to fasten to your clothes. I personally like using the buttons to control song choices and whatnot so with this model you can only do that by using the earpods. And that is where my current problems lay.

The old earpods (which are now discontinued) were somehow damaged during our move from our condo to the house; music was only playing from one side. Occasionally music would play from both sides but more often than not, it didn’t. Apple earpods are also not cheap. They retail for $39.99 CAD plus tax. This would also happen to be my third set.
The newer and current ones, which I realized AFTER I had opened the package (by way of the pamphlet inside the box), are actually “not compatible” with 3rd gen and older models of iPod shuffles. Thank you Apple… that’s awesome. Maybe that should be stated on the outside of the box so buyers will know before they buy and open the packaging therefore rendering the item non-refundable *sigh*. What Apples means as “not compatible” is that for the 3rd gen shuffle, one cannot control the volume of the music.

ipod 3

New Apple Earpods

Another problem I have experienced since purchasing and using these newer earpods with my shuffle is that I am unable to skip, rewind or pause a song unless I detach the pods from the shuffle. Sometimes it works right away and other times I would have to detach and attach them a few times and other times it just refuses to co-operate. And since this particular model has no control buttons on the body, I am unable to skip to any song I want or to pause the music.

After all that is said and done, had I known that the newer earpods would not be functioning fully and properly with the older generations I would have just saved myself the aggravation and spent the extra $10 to buy the newest shuffle which includes the earpods as well. Which I suppose is what Apple is trying to do; get consumers to spend more money on their products.

Well played Apple… well played.