New Year, New Workout

Yes I realize that it’s March and well past the new year lol. But it’s been a looong time since I did a fitness post and I’ve never really talked about how I exercise or what my routine is like. Trust me, it’s not that special.

Since my last weight update in 2016 (yikes!), I have finally made it below 130 lbs. I’m currently sitting at 129 lbs. Depending on the time and day my weight can fluctuate between 128 lbs-131 lbs. My lowest was last October when we came home from my husband’s work trip to Phoenix, Arizona at 125 lbs. My body retains a crazy amount of water whenever I travel no matter what I do/eat/drink. When we finally come home my body finally gets rid of all the water and I “lose” weight.
For height reference I am 5’1″.

I only work out max 4 times a week during Fall/Winter and up to 5 days a week during Spring/Summer. In 2016 when I was looking through my fb feed one day, an ad for Mommy Trainer 15 Day Challenge popped up (the site and original trainer has since changed and the original workouts that I still follow has also changed a bit but otherwise everything is the same). It’s a free challenge but what I really liked about this guide was that there are videos on youtube for each day to show you how to perform each workout and you can do ALL of it from home. She also incorporate workouts for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. Since I have a gym membership and like incorporating extra cardio with my workouts I printed off the guide and take it to the gym with me.
A word of warning ladies, you WILL be sore. I started these workouts after abstaining for about 2 years from any exercising so the first week of this guide was not a happy week for me lol.

I have been using Mommy Trainer along with some other HIIT workouts to vary my routine but I felt my body has plateaued so I started to look for a change. Enter Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide (BBG).
I’ve known about Kayla and BBG for a few years but I’m always skeptical about workout guides and obviously the costs of these guides play a factor as well. But after seeing all the transformation pictures and her workout clips on her instagram account (@kayla_itsines) I decided to give it a shot. I’m hoping to document my entire 12 week journey here.

Her guide highly recommends taking photos frequently throughout the entire 12 week process so you can see the difference. Here are mine:


BBG Right

See my flat butt?!

BBG Left

Pretend you don’t see the crap in the background

These were taken on March 11th and I started BBG the next day. I am currently on the first week of this and make no mistake, this is not for the weak lol. I AM SORE.
The first day of BBG I forgot to grab my phone so I couldn’t time my circuits = workout fail. I ball parked the 7min time for each circuit which was not a good idea. Nevertheless my legs were sore the next day. On my Wednesday workout I didn’t have enough time to finish the workout = semi fail but my shoulders and arms are sore. I actually slept through my alarm for the gym this morning so… yeah… no workout today (face palm). I’m hoping next week I’ll do better lol.

Until next time! (if my fingers aren’t sore enough to type!)




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