Bentgo Kids Lunch Boxes

So with First Born going to kindergarten next year, it means I’ll be responsible for packing his lunches. Every.Freaking.Day. The preschool he went to last year required a packed snack (it was only a 2 hour class 2 days a week) so that was simple enough. Then my parents moved closer to me and we had to switch him to a new preschool which provided snacks, so I’ve been fortunate. But next year the pain will begin.

Earlier this year I started planning on what containers First Born will be using when he finally goes to school full time next year. Yes.. I planned that far ahead lol. The original containers I used was deemed too hard and complicated for a 3 year old to use on their own so I switched over to a regular sandwich sized plastic tupperware container that came with the sandwich cutter I bought. That worked well for First Born to open but clearly he never closed them. I wanted to order the Planetbox stainless steel lunchboxes but man are they expensive. Then I looked at Lunchbots but I preferred the lids to be attached to the box itself so there would be less chance of them getting lost.
So now you’re thinking “what’s wrong with regular Glad or Ziploc containers?” One word: spillage. If I pack First Born something dry and something wet, there’s a chance that the dry item getting soggy and therefore First Born will not eat it. And plus it’s spillage.. who likes having their food spilling into each other? Am I right? Lol.

I looked at the Bentgo Kids lunchboxes a bit and went back and forth a bit between that and Planetbox. I liked the idea of stainless steel. Less chance of it cracking, breaking etc. Plus a lot of mom’s I know swear by them.. but the cost. Yikes. Getting 2 of them would set me back over $100 and that’s the price from a co-op group buy! My local group buy site was offering them again so I decided to order 2 and see how it goes.


New world of pain


I ordered them in 2 different colours just for variety. I chose the Bentgo over Yumbox because Bentgo looked more durable and the inner tray looked like it could withstand more abuse than the Yumbox one. An added bonus is that the inner tray is dishwasher and microwave safe!
The suggested age for these is 3-8 years but I’m sure by the time Second Born starts kindergarten in 3 years I will be using a bigger box for First Born’s lunches.

What kind of lunch boxes do you use and how do you like them?

Until next time!


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