Under Review: Crayon Eyeshadow

Happy summer everyone! I am waaaaaay behind in my postings but life happens right?

I’ve been thinking of ways to cut down the time it takes to put my makeup on in the mornings because I have maybe 8mins max before I make a mad sprint down to my car from the gym and be on my way to work. Enter crayon eye shadows.
Yes yes, I know they’ve been around for awhile but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t late to the party lol.


I did a bunch of googling on what colours were available for which brands and I am amazingly shocked at how very small the selections were. And since I was only testing them to see if I even like using it, I wasn’t going to spend $20-$30 for one.
Back in the Spring time, I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes first. I bought champagne and charcoal coloured shadow sticks from London Drugs for about $7 I think (I ended up finding them cheaper at Walmart). I really wanted an olive coloured one but it was sold out in all the stores I went to. I also didn’t pay too much attention when I bought them and didn’t realize that they weren’t twist up until about a week later lol. I ended up needing to buy a sharpener.

Majority of the crayon eyeshadow sticks are advertised as 24hr wear and some state on their websites that it reduces/prevents creasing. The first week I tested out the Rimmel Scandaleyes there was some creasing so I went back to Walmart and picked up the NYC eye primer. That seemed to help a lot. Best part? NYC eye primer only set me back $4.
I have oily skin/lids and nothing I do/use seem to help with my eye makeup melting or creasing. We’re also having a pretty warm summer in Vancouver with temperatures in the 30’s and the cream eye shadows have held up.

Here are the drawbacks: I wish there were more colour selections and with the twist-up sticks, I find that the cream colour portion of the stick tends to break off very easily. The same week I purchased the NYC primer it had already broken off. Sephora does have more colours in their product lineups but those are also premium brands and also more expensive.
Application is pretty quick but not precise. You can choose to use a brush to spread the colour but since I’m at the gym and have limited space in my makeup bag, I just use my finger. I also find that with application, time is of the essence. If you don’t spread the colour around your lid within the first 10 seconds then that will basically be where it stays.

I still prefer to use my powder shadow on the weekends when I have a bit more time to spend on my makeup but I’d say that I’m a convert to cream stick shadows. I would recommend these to be the alternative if you need it to be quick and fast and also look good.

Let me know what your experiences are with shadow sticks!

Until next time!