Free Samples?!

Yes please! I mean really who doesn’t love getting things for free!

Last year I discovered this little gem of a website Sample Source from some mom’s in Riley’s birth group. You have to sign up in order to receive the sample packs and the packs come out and are offered about 2-3 times a year. You have to be quick on it though because it’s only available for limited times.
Mine arrived this week.

Free Samples from Sample Source

Free Samples from Sample Source

It was like Christmas all over again lol.
When you get notified of a sample roll out, they ask you a questionnaire each time to determine which samples suit you best and what to send you to test out. Some items require you to log back into the site and fill out a review of the product.
This is actually my second sample pack. The first one, I can’t really remember what I got now but it also included a free limited subscription to a magazine. I chose some hockey magazine for the hubs.

This is what I got in my new sample pack:

My goodies!

My goodies!

The Brookside Chocolates were really good. The first sample pack I got for Brookside was of the chocolate covered blueberries. This time I got the chocolate covered berry crunch which was just as good!

Go sign up and try some samples for yourself!


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