Get Ready for 2.0

Well… this happened

Baby 2.0 aka Terminator

Baby 2.0 aka Terminator

We’re having another baby! Baby 2.0 is due in mid-August. Right now Riley is 22 months old and really doesn’t quite understand why Mommy’s belly is so large and why Daddy is constantly rubbing it lol. The first time he saw me holding a baby was back in December when my SIL had her second daughter. Riley was not impressed to say the least. He immediately burst into tears. But since then he seems to have changed. We saw my in-laws again in March for hubby’s bday and Riley was fascinated with his now 3 month old cousin.

I’m currently in my 20th week of pregnancy and the above ultrasound was done last week when we also found out the gender. Riley is going to have a little brother!
Hubs and I were really hoping for a girl and I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed when we were told it would be another boy. Gender Disappoint is a very real thing. I’m not saying that I won’t love this child as much if it were a girl, just that we had hoped for a girl and really wanted one of each. It took me a little while to get used to the idea of having 2 boys but now I have accepted it.

3D imaging of 2.0 sucking his thumb

3D imaging of 2.0 sucking his thumb

2.0 already looks like his big brother and seems to be as stubborn (or quite possibly, even more stubborn!) than him as well! He also looks to have some of the same characteristics too… sleeping with his hands behind his head, hiding and sleeping face down during ultrasounds etc.

We’re all very exited for the arrival of our new addition and gearing up to move Riley out of the nursery and into his big boy room.


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