Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Meet Spike!

Meet Spike!

We have a new house mate! Every time we go to a plant nursery I always look for these little guys. They’re air plants and about as maintenance free as a cactus. They range in price from $2.99-$20 depending on the size, variety and where you buy it. This little guy was $5 and is about the size of my palm.

I’ve always wanted to get one but something always stopped me. Then one of my co-workers showed up to work with one and has it on her desk. So the next time we hit the nursery again, I finally got myself one. I try to spray it with water every 2-3 days and it’s recommended to be soaked in water once every 2 weeks.

I’m more of an outdoor flower planter type of gal but we do have a variety of house plants at home. Hubs insisted we place a plant in each room of our house to “clean” the air since our house was brand new when we moved in and still had the smell of paint and we had an infant. Currently, there’s a Peace Lily and Rubber Tree plant on the kitchen counter in front of a window and there’s my Coffee Tree plant on the floor next to the balcony door.
Upstairs we have a fern in the master bedroom and a Snake plant in Riley’s room. In the basement we have an Aloe Vera… that’s in need of some serious watering and a bigger pot (oops!).

We were in Ikea one day, a year and a half ago, hubs decided that we needed a plant in the living room. He was eye-balling two plants so I compromised and said he can get only ONE. He decided on an Elephant plant. A couple days later, hubs was at work and I had just fed the baby and he was down for his first nap. I was walking back into the kitchen to put my breakfast dishes away when I noticed something off the corner of my eye. This is what I saw:

What the hey?!

What the hey?!

I stood there immobilized for a couple minutes just STARING at it. I was trying to figure out if it was alive and where it had come from. It was mid-September at the time and we lived at the bottom of the woods so I thought the little thing might have found it’s way inside our house when we had the door open somewhere.

Is it trying to jump at my jugular??

Is it trying to jump at my jugular??

I backed away from the kitchen sink and ran into the living room to grab my phone. I sent a text to hubs saying “There’s a lizard in the house!!!” Needless to say his first thought was if I had smoked something. I sent him the two pics and he was as flabbergasted as I was. I called him telling him that there is indeed a LIVE lizard in the kitchen… he couldn’t believe it. We got off the phone and hubs sent me another text telling me to trap it lol. I didn’t know if the lizard would jump at me or get frighten and make a run for it when I got close so I grabbed a small water glass and trapped it.



I didn’t know if it would have enough air to breath in there and I didn’t have anything small enough to lift the cup to let it breathe without it escaping so I would periodically lift the cup up and let some air in. Hubs talked to some people at his work and they concluded that the lizard had hitched a ride on the Elephant plant from Ikea and had been roaming around our house for the last couple of days. One of hubbies co-worker’s sister actually works at Ikea and she said that it happens all the time. Every now and then the stores would have a gecko infestation and they would have to wait till the store closes and trap them.
I didn’t want to let the little thing loose and freeze to death outside and we didn’t want it destroyed (which would have happened if we had called the wildlife number) so hubs bought a small tank to house it in with some live crickets, until we could find a new home for it.
Luckily one of hub’s co-workers roommates wanted it so he took him home. Hubs named it Sven while it was living with us and apparently he’s thriving in his new home and has grown quite a bit!

Needless to say I check ALL our new indoor plants for stowaways now!


2 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend!

    • My coffee tree plant was actually my first house plant and has been with me for the last 8 years now! It started flowering last year produced a few beans. I’m not exactly sure how big air plants grow so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it alive for the next few years to find out!

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