Vancouver Snow!

Contrary to popular belief, yes Vancouver does get snow… on the rare occasion lol. We Don’t get much of it but when we finally do it’s a cause for celebration. Well, for some of us at least!

We finally got our first snowfall on the last weekend of November. Hubs had inventory at work so it was just me and the boy. Fortunately we didn’t have plans to go anywhere so we hunkered down at home. Good thing too because before the snow started it had rained thus creating a layer of ice underneath.

First Snow of 2014!

First Snow of 2014!

Riley is now 1 year and 7 months old so this isn’t his first Christmas or his first time seeing snow. We had taken him up to Cypress last December but he likely has no memories of it.

Cypress Mountain Dec. 2013

Cypress Mountain Dec. 2013

Needless to say Riley was pretty excited when we got all bundled up and headed outside. It was actually kinda funny because we would walk a little bit and then he would just sit down wherever he was and start playing with the snow lol.


At one point he was laying on the snow and playing with it.


We plan on taking him back up to Cypress after the New Year some time to go tubing. I’m sure the little guy is going to have a blast!

Riley’s Clothing Details:
From 2013
Hat: Baby Gap
Mitts: H&M
Puffy Jacket: H&M
Pants: The Children’s Place
Shoes: Puma

From 2014
Toque: H&M
Superman Mitts: H&M
Jacket, pants and boots: Hand-me-downs


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