These Heels Were Made for Walking

Weapons of Torture

Weapons of Torture

Actually they weren’t. In fact they felt more like weapons of torture! I bought these bad boys about 6 years ago (yes… 6 years!) at the Aldo Outlet store for a paltry $20. Every girl needs a pair of nude colour heels. Or just heels for that matter.

Years back when my feet were bruised, battered and trained to navigate the concrete jungle in 3 inch heels, I didn’t think twice about donning these works of art. Now, however, my feet have all but lost all that painful training. Up until I got pregnant with my son in the Summer of 2013 I wore my heels of all variations with pride but had decided that it was safer for me and my ankles if I stored them all away till I could safely wear them all again without fear of falling on my face.

heels 2

Hubs and I had a rare child-free night out on Saturday. The boy was at Grandma’s for the night and we had a birthday party/farewell party to attend for two of my husband’s dear and closest friends. We hardly go anywhere where we are required to dress up anymore so that night it was the perfect opportunity to dust off the shoes and bring them back into action! Boy was I in for a treat.
The minute I walked out the front door I knew I was in trouble. I wore these shoes knowing that there would be a possibility that we would be doing a bit of walking to and from the restaurant. What I didn’t factor in was how uncomfortable these shoes had become from being shelved away for about 1.5 years. It felt like I was learning to walk in heels all over again. My only hope was that I didn’t look like I didn’t know what I was doing lol.

Happy walking loves!