16 Month Update


It’s been a while since I last did an update on the munchkin. He is now 16 months old, walking circles around us and is the complete apple of his daddy’s eye.

Riley is what I like to call a “late bloomer” lol. He cut his first tooth at 13 months (not that I was complaining about it!), didn’t actually start rolling till he was 8 months old but I knew he had the ability to do it because he had rolled over a few times before, and didn’t walk till he was 14 months old. And it wasn’t just a few steps here and there he basically just woke up one day and decided he was going to start walking everywhere lol.
He’s a shy little man but has been getting braver by the day. When we go out now, he no longer wants to hold anyone’s hand when he walks and very much prefers to walk around alone… but not too far away.

When I knew it was nap time.

When I knew it was nap time.

White sleeveless onesie: H&M

Denim shorts: Old Navy

Shoes: Native Shoes, Miller

I tested out the CIO (Cry It Out) method for sleep training when Riley was about 8 months old because I wanted him to learn to put himself to sleep… but it didn’t work out well for both of us. Somewhere along the way Riley picked up the skill himself but decided at 13 months old (along with some teething) that he no longer wanted to fall alseep alone. After some exhaustive nights, he was also waking multiple times throughout the night now, hubs and I decided it was time to try CIO it again. Being of Chinese ethnicity, I’m made a bit harder than hubby. Hubs couldn’t stand the crying so ended up in the backyard to do some work and keep himself occupied till Riley fell asleep. It was 6 long nights but so worth it. The longest Riley cried was 45 mins. On night 2 he did end up puking a little bit but that was about it.
Now before I get hate mail, we did try some other no-cry methods before using CIO. We tried the pick-up/put-down which didn’t work for us at all and we tried sitting in the room with him till he fell asleep… but that just made him angrier.
With CIO I did go in to check on him every 5, 10, 15 minutes etc just to let him know that we’re still there to comfort him. Riley now gets put into his crib at night fully awake with his Puppy (a lovey that my sister bought him) and puts himself to sleep. I think all 3 of us are happier now; he gets a full nights sleep… and so do we! Nap time, however, is a whole different story.

Riley was the Ring Bearer at my sister's wedding

Riley was the Ring Bearer at my sister’s wedding

Outfit and Accessories (except shoes): The Children’s Place

Shoes: Native Shoes, Miller

Riley spends Monday-Friday with his Grandma (my mom) while I’m at work. This also exposes him to my Chinese heritage and learn to be bilingual; he now can understand English and Cantonese but really only says Mama still. He’s not a very vocal boy… unless he’s screaming or growling lol. While I love and miss my boy when he’s not with me, I am also not made to me a SAHM. I just don’t have it in me to stay home everyday with my little man. Towards the end of my 1 year maternity leave hubs and I were literally arguing every other day over the littlest things and I was seriously contemplating a seperation. Yes it was that bad and no it wasn’t Postpartum Depression… okay maybe a little bit but mostly because I was feeling claustrophobic and missed my old freedom.

Shopping and dressing little girls are much more fun, in my opinion. There’s just so much more options, colours and acessories! But little boys clothing has definitely come a really long way. There’s more style options now but still not as fun as girls. I can drop my whole paycheque (and then some) for kids clothing at H&M and Zara alone! And don’t even get me started on Gap Kids >.< For the most part I give my bank account a break by purchasing Riley’s clothes when they go on sale. Gap and The Children’s Place has some pretty awesome sales throughout the year and I definitely take advantage of those. I usually also pick up a few clothing items in the next size up, and sometimes even bigger, so I won’t have to buy a completely whole new wardrobe when he outgrows his current size.

Riley Hat

It looks to be that Riley has inherited not only my temper, but that of his daddy as well… and that’s not all! He’s also got both our stubborn side (well mainly mine) and is already showing signs of his increasing independant nature. But every so-often his supreme lazy side will come out to play lol. Hopefully he will have also inherited his dad’s height (I’m a shrimpy 5’2″ and hubs is 6’3″).

Until next time!


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