Fresh Off the Vine, Cucamelons

Fresh cucamelons

Fresh cucamelons

Back to Monday again *yawn*
Hope you all had a great and full filled weekend. The family and I didn’t do much. It was my SIL’s birthday yesterday so we made the 45min trek out to Mission to celebrate with the in-laws.

On Saturday I wanted to take advantage of the nice-er weather we were having and did some work in the garden. We pulled up some of the shrubs bordering the garage that the developers had planted (and that I didn’t like) and planted some flowers instead. We also pulled up some vegetable plants that were no longer producing or had finished producing veggies. One of the plants was a Cucamelon vine that hubs saw in the store earlier in the season and wanted to try out.
They are part watermelon, cucumber and lime. It’s about the size of a large green grape. When you bite down on it they’re quite crunchy and tastes like a cucumber with a splash of lime lol.

Cucamelon Innards

Cucamelon Innards

Unfortunately the insides aren’t red like a watermelon lol. They’re good little treats and quite refreshing!


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