My Favorite Things: Bodum Coffee Mug

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I want to start this Monday off with one of my favorite things; coffee. And of course to drink this coffee, you need a coffee mug! Hubs and I have a cup of joe EVERY morning whether it’s the weekday or weekend; we MUST have coffee. I generally only have the one cup a day but sometimes Ryan likes to have 2. His second cup is generally some time in the afternoon when he needs another kick to get himself going.
On weekdays when we have work I like to drink my coffee at home cause let’s face it, work coffee sucks the big one! So at work I drink hot water with lemon… yes, even in the summer months. Just like I’m doing right now lol.

A few years ago I burned my lips quite a few times on the hot water (admit it, you’ve all done it too!) and I saw the Bodum Double Wall coffee mugs at Starbucks and decided to give it a try. I had seen the mugs at department stores before but were only sold in sets of 2 and quite costly. Coincedentally Starbucks had them on clearance so I nabbed one for $11. Sadly I dropped it in the sink one morning when I was washing it and the outter wall and the rim of the glass cracked thus rendering it too dangerous to use. I knew Starbucks was no longer selling those particular mugs so I went to my local Home Outfitters to pick up a new set. As I mentioned, these Bodum Double Walled Mugs come only in sets of two and are expensive. This set of two set me back $50 after taxes.

I am happy to report that I am still using the mug to this day without incident!… until my husband got his hands on the other one at home. He immediately claimed it as his and refused to reliquish it. So being the dutiful wife that I am (and not liking to share anything that belongs to me) I went out and bought him a new set of mugs as his gift for Father’s Day.

Bodum Double Wall Glass Mug

Bodum Double Wall Glass Mug

The bigger one on the left was purchased about 4 years ago and the smaller one on the right (300ml) was purchased this year back in May. Other than the size difference, there is also a price difference. I originally paid $45.99 + tax for my first set of two, and then bought Ryan’s set for $49.99 + tax. Fortunately I had a gift card that I was able to use for them but nonetheless, these things were not cheap! Obviously hubs was quite happy that he got a another two coffee mugs because now he has 3 *groan*. What can I say… I love the man that much lol.

Happy coffee drinking!


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