Fresh Off the Vine, Cucamelons

Fresh cucamelons

Fresh cucamelons

Back to Monday again *yawn*
Hope you all had a great and full filled weekend. The family and I didn’t do much. It was my SIL’s birthday yesterday so we made the 45min trek out to Mission to celebrate with the in-laws.

On Saturday I wanted to take advantage of the nice-er weather we were having and did some work in the garden. We pulled up some of the shrubs bordering the garage that the developers had planted (and that I didn’t like) and planted some flowers instead. We also pulled up some vegetable plants that were no longer producing or had finished producing veggies. One of the plants was a Cucamelon vine that hubs saw in the store earlier in the season and wanted to try out.
They are part watermelon, cucumber and lime. It’s about the size of a large green grape. When you bite down on it they’re quite crunchy and tastes like a cucumber with a splash of lime lol.

Cucamelon Innards

Cucamelon Innards

Unfortunately the insides aren’t red like a watermelon lol. They’re good little treats and quite refreshing!


Creative Wedding Favors

We’re almost there… just one more day before the weekend folks!
I wanted to share the wedding favors that my sister and her husband were giving their guests at their wedding. They’re little bottles of Rosemary Infused Olive Oil and Vanilla Infused Balsamic Vinegar.


Homemade Rosemary Infused Olive Oil & Vanilla Infused Balsamic Vinegar

Homemade Rosemary Infused Olive Oil & Vanilla Infused Balsamic Vinegar


Everything except the bottle and label on the bottle were homemade. My sister commissioned me to make the tags for them which were quite simple to make using just MS Word and a regular printer. The tag itself, I bought the cardstock paper from Michaels and used my trusty Slice Crafts machine along with the Noel cartridge to cut the shape of the tag.

What are some of the most useful and useless favors that you recieved at weddings?

Under Review: Apple iPod Shuffle and Earpods

Just like majority of the population in the world, I am an owner of an Apple product… or two… or three… who’s counting anyways?!
I have in my ownership a 2nd gen 16G iPod Touch, two 2nd gen iPod Nano’s (first one was blue and current one is pink), a 3rd gen iPod Shuffle and lastly my 1st gen iPad Mini. I’m hoping to get the iPad Air for my birthday this year and I’ve hinted heavily to the husband lol.
Now you’re probably asking “why do you need so many mp3 players?!”. Well for starters, the iPod Touch was an xmas gift from hubs and I LOVED the thing. Now, it’s pretty much obsolete and used only in emergency situations. The Nano’s, coincedentally enough hubs and I gifted one to each other at the same time lol. We both used ours at the gym until hubs left his at work and thought it got stolen (which it didn’t… he actually left it in his jacket pocket and found it a year later) and mine was destroyed by my wonderful loving dog. My sister gave me her pink one because she wasn’t using it. During the same time, I bought hubs the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle which I am now using at the gym.

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

The small size of all the shuffles is great and the 3rd gen shuffles are the only ones that do NOT have any pause, play, rewind and fast forward buttons on the body.  I also love the clip because it makes it easier to fasten to your clothes. I personally like using the buttons to control song choices and whatnot so with this model you can only do that by using the earpods. And that is where my current problems lay.

The old earpods (which are now discontinued) were somehow damaged during our move from our condo to the house; music was only playing from one side. Occasionally music would play from both sides but more often than not, it didn’t. Apple earpods are also not cheap. They retail for $39.99 CAD plus tax. This would also happen to be my third set.
The newer and current ones, which I realized AFTER I had opened the package (by way of the pamphlet inside the box), are actually “not compatible” with 3rd gen and older models of iPod shuffles. Thank you Apple… that’s awesome. Maybe that should be stated on the outside of the box so buyers will know before they buy and open the packaging therefore rendering the item non-refundable *sigh*. What Apples means as “not compatible” is that for the 3rd gen shuffle, one cannot control the volume of the music.

ipod 3

New Apple Earpods

Another problem I have experienced since purchasing and using these newer earpods with my shuffle is that I am unable to skip, rewind or pause a song unless I detach the pods from the shuffle. Sometimes it works right away and other times I would have to detach and attach them a few times and other times it just refuses to co-operate. And since this particular model has no control buttons on the body, I am unable to skip to any song I want or to pause the music.

After all that is said and done, had I known that the newer earpods would not be functioning fully and properly with the older generations I would have just saved myself the aggravation and spent the extra $10 to buy the newest shuffle which includes the earpods as well. Which I suppose is what Apple is trying to do; get consumers to spend more money on their products.

Well played Apple… well played.

My Favorite Things: Bodum Coffee Mug

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I want to start this Monday off with one of my favorite things; coffee. And of course to drink this coffee, you need a coffee mug! Hubs and I have a cup of joe EVERY morning whether it’s the weekday or weekend; we MUST have coffee. I generally only have the one cup a day but sometimes Ryan likes to have 2. His second cup is generally some time in the afternoon when he needs another kick to get himself going.
On weekdays when we have work I like to drink my coffee at home cause let’s face it, work coffee sucks the big one! So at work I drink hot water with lemon… yes, even in the summer months. Just like I’m doing right now lol.

A few years ago I burned my lips quite a few times on the hot water (admit it, you’ve all done it too!) and I saw the Bodum Double Wall coffee mugs at Starbucks and decided to give it a try. I had seen the mugs at department stores before but were only sold in sets of 2 and quite costly. Coincedentally Starbucks had them on clearance so I nabbed one for $11. Sadly I dropped it in the sink one morning when I was washing it and the outter wall and the rim of the glass cracked thus rendering it too dangerous to use. I knew Starbucks was no longer selling those particular mugs so I went to my local Home Outfitters to pick up a new set. As I mentioned, these Bodum Double Walled Mugs come only in sets of two and are expensive. This set of two set me back $50 after taxes.

I am happy to report that I am still using the mug to this day without incident!… until my husband got his hands on the other one at home. He immediately claimed it as his and refused to reliquish it. So being the dutiful wife that I am (and not liking to share anything that belongs to me) I went out and bought him a new set of mugs as his gift for Father’s Day.

Bodum Double Wall Glass Mug

Bodum Double Wall Glass Mug

The bigger one on the left was purchased about 4 years ago and the smaller one on the right (300ml) was purchased this year back in May. Other than the size difference, there is also a price difference. I originally paid $45.99 + tax for my first set of two, and then bought Ryan’s set for $49.99 + tax. Fortunately I had a gift card that I was able to use for them but nonetheless, these things were not cheap! Obviously hubs was quite happy that he got a another two coffee mugs because now he has 3 *groan*. What can I say… I love the man that much lol.

Happy coffee drinking!

MOH Dress From Aritzia

Okay, so remember in yesterday’s post when I said that I will give details today about my MOH dress? Well, I may or may have not been lying lol. Apparently I do not have a copy (or anyone else but the photographer for that matter) of a full body shot of the dress I was wearing. Odd I know. However, I do have in my possession a very unflattering full body picture of me during the ceremony taken by my photographically handicapped husband.

Totally unflattering picture of me

Totally unflattering picture of me

The wedding colours are dark purple and fuschia and my sister gave me the option of choosing whatever colour dress I wanted to wear. Originally I was going to wear purple and had a dress in mind from Artizia. My sister actually owns the exact dress I wanted to wear and we were waiting for it to hit the store. Unfortuantely Aritzia decided that this was the year that they were not going to be bringing the dress back so we had to look for something different. By now we only had 2 months to find something. Nothing we looked at was either the right colour or the style I that liked. If we did find a dress, then inevitably my size was not available.

I happen to look on the Aritzia site again since they were having their “Private VIP” sale, which is essentially their pre-summer sale. First of all if you’re on the email list for the “VIP” pre-sale, you might want to wait a couple weeks until their sale goes public and here’s why: my pre-sale discount was $110 from the original price of $125. I decided to try my luck and wait it out till the sale went public because I actually wanted to try the dress on first being that it would be an exchange only item. Well the public sale price was $95. Good thing I waited and saved myself $15.

I dont remember what the name of the dress is and it’s now sold out on the website.

Spring, Summer… and Fall Recap

Yes I know it’s not Fall yet but seeing how it’s been like what? 5 months since my last post and with how busy I’ve been lately I might as well add in a post-recap for the Fall lol.

After Baby Boy’s bday back in May, I returned to work from maternity leave the very next day. By lunchtime, it was like I never left! I missed the Boy of course and I have to say that I was pretty proud of myself that I only called my Mom (who’s babysitting Riley for me) twice the entire day! The first couple of days were a bit rough for both the kid and I. It was a huge adjustment especially for Riley as he’s only ever been away from hubs and I for max 4-5 hours. The longest was when we were moving and my Mom watched him for about 7 hours and Riley wouldn’t have remembered that since he was only 4.5 months old at the time.

Water table

Not only is Riley’s bday the same day as my Mom’s bday, this year it also happened to land right smack dab on Mother’s Day as well. My in-laws live about 45mins outside of the city and my MIL (who is by all accounts, the most wonderful and understanding woman in the world… no seriously, she is! I totally lucked out! lol) understood why we weren’t able to make the trip out to celebrate Mother’s Day with her until the following week. She took advantage of the Babies ‘R Us sale we had and bought Riley a niftly water table. That thing is AWESOME! So awesome that Riley threw a hairy fit when it was time to get dried off and cleaned up for dinner. But really those water tables are pretty cool.

All through Spring and the beginning of Summer, I was a busy little bee helping my sister plan her wedding which happened on August 2nd.
As part of my wedding gift to her and her new husband, I made their wedding invitations for them.


Assembling took the most time but luckily it was a small and intimate wedding so I only had to make about 25 invitations. And somehow my arm was twisted to include Thank You cards as part of the wedding gift as well… hmmm. If you’re on instagram check out #goldieandjasongethitched for the bevy of photos from the event.


Stay tuned for my next post on my outfit details as MOH! (I promise it won’t be another 5 months!)