My Baby is Now 1!

Time certainly has flown by!

I can’t believe my Baby Boy has turned 1 years old already. Seemed like just yesterday that he was born.


Please excuse the terrible picture quality… it was taken by smartphone. Getting the kid to sit still to snap a pic is NOT easy!

Baby Boy turned 1 on Sunday May 11th. He happened to be born on the same day as my Mom’s bday and as it turned out this year, on Mother’s Day. We decided not to plan a party for the sheer reason that it would be too complicated, expensive and I may or may not have been just too darned lazy =P. Baby Boy wouldn’t have remembered any of it anyways. I did, however, buy him a new onesie to wear from Old Navy, but his cardigan is covering about 90% of it lol… my bad. It has a blue plaid bow tie on it with buttons running down the middle. Fortunately for us Vancouverties, the wearther was really nice on Sunday hence the shorts.

My Mom and aunt’s decided to invite themselves over for Riley and Mom’s bday so we ended up having a party at our house. Riley got an ice cream cake, which he LOVED and was spoiled rotten by his Aunt, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Great Aunt’s and Great-Uncle.

Riley’s Outfit Details:
Cap: H&M
Bow Tie Onesie: Old Navy
Cardidan: H&M
Shorts: The Children’s Place