Day 4 of Crying It Out… ?

Well I didn’t let Riley CIO for naps or bedtime today after we called a truce yesterday. Naps today were a bit rough but he slept so that was the important thing. But here’s the surprising thing: Riley self soothed himself to sleep at bedtime. Has he done that before? Nope!

Imagine my surprise when I put Riley in his bassinet when he got drowsy, turned on his Sleep Sheep and left the room. He was cooing away to himself and I was fully expecting him to cry out in a few minutes. I sat down and as tarted to watch some TV… Until I noticed that there were no sounds coming from the bedroom. I screened in there to check on Riley; he was fast asleep. The little guy had self-soothed himself to sleep!

I’m hoping that he continues to self-sooth but I don’t expect it… I’m just happy that I know he at least has the ability to do it!


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