Day 2 of Crying It Out

It was a success!!! As in it was a success that Riley figured it out and has declared war *sigh*.

We made a trip to the mall yesterday morning just to get out of the house and do a bit of grocery shopping and Riley was great. He normally fusses a bit when he’s tired and wants to take a nap causing our trips to be cut short but yesterday he actually fell asleep in his stroller. It wasn’t a long nap but I’m not dwelling on that. When we got home however, it was a different story. Riley started showing signs of tiredness (ie. red eyebrows, droopy eyes yawning etc) so I picked him up, patted him a couple times until he started to get drowsy, put him in his bassinet and turn on his Sleep Sheep. I walked out of the room while he was still awake. 5mins later the crying started. After 10mins I went in there to check on him and let him know that I was there and when he calmed down I left the room again. The crying lasted for 30mins and his nap lasted 20mins. Riley ended up taking only 3 naps yesterday, including the one at the mall, each of which was only 20 minutes. Needless to that that by the time hubby came home I was frustrated and exhausted.

We could tell Riley was beyond overtired at that point which was 6:30pm. The problem wasn’t Riley not being able to fall asleep, it was him staying asleep. He was so overwrought that everytime he fell asleep, he would constantly startle himself awake = he can’t fall into a deep sleep.

Hubby and I ended up putting Riley to bed earlier than usual which is around 8pm. We skipped his bedtime story because he was just screaming the entire time and since I breastfeed, I kept my boob in or close to his mouth so he can latch when he finally tired himself out enough to feed. Riley has been falling asleep while nursing at night for the last week but would wake up once we moved him into his bassinet and last night was no different; hubby and I decided to let him cry it out a bit so we can eat our dinner. After I finished boy dinner, I went in to check on Riley and he was just drenched in sweat. I just felt so bad for him because he was clearly tired and wanted to sleep but wasn’t able to stay asleep. I sat beside him and put my hand on him to let him know I was there and the entire time he was startling himself awake. He finally was tired enough that he didn’t wake from the startling. I thought for sure that he would have a fitful sleep and be up every 1-2 hours. He surprised me with sleeping until 3:45am when I heard him cry out a few times, so I got up and was going to nurse him but saw that he was still sleeping. I left him continue sleeping until he finally woke at 6am.

Morning naps doesn’t seem to be a problem for him since he just falls asleep while nursing but it’s his afternoon naps Gand evening naps that are getting frustrating. We’ll see who ends up losing the battle… There can only be one winner!

Day 3 coming soon.


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