Day 1 of Crying It Out

Yes, I am one of ‘those’ parents. I have chosen to let my 3.5 month old son cry it out to save my sanity. I don’t know yet if I have made the right choice yet given that Riley was also born at 34.5 weeks, which puts him currently at 2.5 months adjusted age.

Initially Riley didn’t have too much of a problem going down at bedtime. We ran into a kafffufal during nap time and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was and I have to admit, it was a major mom fail. It’s summer and I thought that Riley was too warm in his sleeper so I dressed him only in a onesie. Every time I would try to put him down for a nap, he would either only nap for 20-30 minutes or not nap at all and need. Getting overtired and waaaaay cranky. This was not good for a baby so young. I even called my mom for some advice. She had babysat for me one afternoon so I could do some cleaning and got him to nap for 2 hours! I did some googling and started swaddling him for his naps. Well the first nap I swaddle him in, he fell asleep almost instantly and was down for about 1.5 hours. Eureka! I continued to swaddle him for naps… Until it no longer worked anymore. It wasn’t until a fated morning where I met up wit another mom from a baby Facebook group that I’m in for the lightbulb to go off in my head.

It was a sunny but chilly morning and the other mom asked me if Riley doesn’t get too cold wearing only a onesie. She told me that her little guy always has cold hands and feet so she puts him in sleepers all the time. Well It never occurred to me that Riley would be cold; his hands and feet were mostly clammy and some times warm. When we got one, I put him in a sleeper to see if that was the problem… I had never felt more like a mom failure. My boy was too cold to sleep! The next nap he had, he was wearing a sleeper and I put an Aden and Anais Swaddling Blanket (LOVE these by the way! I paid extra and bought the Bamboo Muslin) over him and he was out for almost 3 hours. I had a blissful 2 weeks… Until Riley decided to switch things up and throw a hissy fit at bedtime.

Hubs and I has rocked Riley to sleep since day one. We were waiting till after we moved to try and break the habit but I decided that today was the day; Riley had started to fight being put down for a nap as well. I was so exhausted and frustrated with his crying and screaming that I decided to try letting him CIO for his last nap of the day. Riley cried for maybe 20mins, but felt more like an hour. I went I. To check on him, patted him to let him know I’m there and he fell asleep. I knew he wasn’t going to sleep long… 20mins to be exact but at leas I knew the method worked for him. So we tried it again at bedtime. Riley cried for 17mins with me checking on him every 5 mins. He woke again at 3:30am but that was for a feed.

stay tuned for Day 2!


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