What A Hunk of Wood

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was a long weekend for us up here in British Columbia. I’m on maternity leave right now till next year so every week is a long weekend for me lmao.

Ever since our little boy arrived, our weekends are pretty uneventful. We have to plan our trips out around him. Being that this was a long weekend, we had a lot of stuff planned and errands we needed to run. One of them was trips to furniture stores.

When we decided to start a family we also decided we need more room. Somehow 2 adults, a baby and 2 dogs in a small one bedroom condo just wasn’t going to work. We found a place and purchased it back in February and will be moving in September. Why so long you ask? Well it’s a new build home so back in February, it was just a pile of dirt… A very expensive pile of dirt!

With a bigger home, comes more furniture = shopping muahahaha! And hubby can’t even stop me! Hubs and I never had a dining table… Like ever. We ate in the living room on the coffee table, which was harder for him than it was for me since he’s 6’3″. But that is no longer! Well… At least it won’t be in another month lol.

Over the weekend we went in search for the perfect dining table. Factoring in that we have a dog that has a wood obsession, a newborn that will grow into a toddler and the huge fact that we don’t plan on replacing the dining table for a REALLY long time, we wanted to be really happy with our selection. This is what we bought:


Ain’t it purdy! We liked the look of the “raw” wood tables but wasn’t overly fond of the prices. I mean seriously $3000-$5000 for a dining table?! Do I look like I’m made of money?! And then there was light. We were walking out of the store when we saw this beautiful hunk of wood. Hubby jokingly said he’ll “think about if it’s on sale”. So being the dutiful wife I am, I looked at the price tag and what do you know?! It’s on sale lmao.

Me in the background photo bombing

Me in the background photo bombing

We ended up going home empty handed; hubs wanted to think about it before making the purchase. Verdict, we went back the next day lol.

Next up: dinning chairs


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