Hair-Raising… Literally!

I have shiny hair. That may not sound so bad but it’s bad. Mostly due in fact because I don’t dye or use any styling products on my hair. The only items I use on my hair is a blow dryer and flatiron and the only thing those do is give me split ends!

I used to dye my hair. It used to be brown, then caramel, then red and finally blonde. It was when I went blonde that it really did a number on my hair. The dye job was so bad that my hair started to break leaving a ton of fly-away’s. That was about 15 years ago and the last time I ever dyed my hair.

To put into context about how horribly shiny my hair is, I can’t keep elastics to stay put nor will any styling product keep my hair styled in any way. The latter is the worst part. It created such a problem that when I was getting married, I went for a consult with my hairstylist and she told me that all the mousse and hairspray she used just “melted” off my hair. The rollers she put in my hair to give me curls lasted all of 5 minutes before my hair went stick straight again. When I was leaving, she suggested that I put in some streaks so my hair wouldn’t be so shiny and hold the styling products and hairstyle better. Veto.

When I go running or go to the gym I’m constantly stopping to retie my hair so again, off to the store I went.

The first hair bands I bought were from Goody. I’ve always used Goody hair accessories and since these were advertised as “Slide Proof” I gave them a try.

Goody Slide Proof Hair Elastics

Goody Slide Proof Hair Elastics

If these weren’t an epic fail then I don’t know what is! Not only did they slide off my hair, the band itself stretched out after a week of using them every day; I would only use them for about 2 hours everyday when I went to the gym. I had to start my search all over again.

I was at the mall one day and walked into Zellers and saw some “No Slip” hair elastic bands by Scunci.

Scunci No Slip Grip

Scunci No Slip Grip

These ones worked out better. The only problem I had with these were that the grip part that holds onto my hair is only on one side so when I tied up my hair, I had to make sure that the grip part is touching my hair. I used these for a few weeks until I noticed another problem; the plastic grip would start to break into pieces and fall off rendering the elastic to be no longer “No Slip” .

I went back to Zellers to pick up another pack thinking that I would just have to deal with these Scunci ones and that it was just my lot in life to spend my entire paycheque on hair ties. That’s when I saw these:

Scunci The Evolution No Slip Hair Elastics

Scunci The Evolution No Slip Hair Elastics

They were on sale so I figured what could I lose by trying them so I picked up the coloured pack. One word… WOW. I went back for the second pack of black and white ones.

They still stretched out a bit like all elastic bands do but they held up incredibly! Pun intended lol! When I went back to get the black and white ones, I also bought their No Slip Grip Evolution Headbands and their No Slip Grip Hair Clips.


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