Liquid Eyeliners Scare Me

They really do! One wrong move and BAM… you have to wipe it off and start all over again. Which is why I stuck with good old pencil eyeliners. Unfortunately I have really oily skin and my eye makeup always ends up creasing and I constantly find myself reapplying my eyeliner.

I used Prestige Eyeliner for years. I would buy 2-3 at a time so I wouldn’t have to keep running back to the store but because it’s a pencil, I would have to always sharpen it to get a nice thin and crisp line.

Prestige Eyeliners

Prestige Eyeliners

When I said I used this product for years, I mean YEARS. Until one day (2 years ago lol) I decided that I am now a big girl and big girls use liquid eyeliners… Gulp! So again, I made my way to the local drugstore to purchase and try the liquid sort.

After about an hour of ooking and trying to decide which one to go with I picked one out (I can’t remember which one) and went to pay. The girl behind the counter asked if I had ever used that particular one before… I think she could smell the newbie in me lol! I told her no, so she recommended that I try the Quo liquid eyeliner instead because it “dries faster and easy to use”.

Quo Liquid Eyeliner

Quo Liquid Eyeliner


So I paid the $16 plus tax CAD (wtf?!) Boy was she wrong! The brush itself was great but because it “dries so quick” I also had to dip it back into the bottle to get more colour. It also seemed that it only dries fast on the brush and not on your skin. I would literally need to sit with my eyes closed for about 5 minutes to make sure I didn’t smudge it and some times it still smudged! I was in a rush one time and thought I had given it enough time to dry… Nope. Imagine my embarrassment when I looked in the mirror and realized I had a nice dark black line on my eyelid!

I complained about it to a co-worker after that horrid event and after some laughter (a lot of laughter) she recommended a liquid eyeliner that is a pen and gave me one that she uses.

Kate Liquid Eyeliner

Kate Liquid Eyeliner

The brand of this liner is called Kate and it’s an Asian line. My co-worker gets her makeup sent from Asia and after the conversion, it only cost me $7 and worth every penny. The only drawback to this liner is that it’s not very dark so I would need to apply it twice in order to get a nice black line.

Top is Kate, bottom is Quo

Top is Kate, bottom is Quo

I’m not sure where you can find the Kate liner here. I actually want to try the Geisha line of liners after I use this one up.

Even with using liquid eyeliner, it still gets creased every so often if I sweat too much and would have to reapply but it’s not nearly as bad as the pencil kind. One thing for sure though, I am now converted and won’t be going back to the pencil liners!

What are your favorite liners?


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