Blogging From An iPad… Mini

And it’s not easy!

Why do it then you ask? Well because my iPad is just so darned portable and convenient lol! Plus my laptop weights about 10lbs, is about 20 years old (alright maybe more like 5 years old!) and is slower than a snail going turbo. My iPad also makes it easier for me to blog and surf while I’m caring for my little Peanut.

I’m not using the WordPress App because well… I don’t lIke it. I find it easier to post on the iPad via browser. It’s also not easy to post from a smartphone either lol.

Blogging on my iPad Mini

Blogging on my iPad Mini

And no bluetooth keyboard either lol. Going to need to get myself one of those. While blogging on he iPad is most convenient, it’s not very easy when I want to take and attach pictures with good quality. I am currently relying on the camera on my phone and iPad… Again, not easy!


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